From the Mayor's Parlour

Published on 6th September 2018

There must be a hierarchy of newsworthiness, with climate change at the top and the Mayor’s Parlour firmly at the bottom.

But we often read newspapers for the same reason we watch the television or films: in order to escape. Rather than dealing with climate change itself many of us would rather be discussing the fascinating details of which supermarket is omitting vanilla, milk and cream from its range of vanilla ice creams, as reported in Monday’s papers. The two issues are related, certainly, but perhaps editors prefer to go for eye-catching detail, especially if it distracts us.

So it’s been all the more pleasing to find, walking around Todmorden with my dog Luna, that when talking about the unusual weather this year nearly all other owners have cited climate change as the determining factor. Are dog-owners a special breed, or is this just another instance of Todmorden citizens being especially insightful and, just as importantly, being prepared to share their insights?

One of the effects of climate change is going to be that we need the Mayor’s Charity, Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team, even more than previously. They help in floods, in snow, and in the warm weather which encourages us to go out and get lost. This Sunday we’ll be having our first fundraising event. I look forward to seeing all readers there.


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