Mayoral Report 2017 to 2018

Published on 20th March 2018

Todmorden Mayor's report

I have had the privilege of being Mayor of Todmorden this last year.

During this time I have been invited to visit organisations, clubs and societies in Todmorden. I have met the people who organise, run or participate in the many activities available. Such a wide range on offer. Such hard work. So many people working tirelessly for the benefit of others, of all ages. I thanked them for their efforts on behalf of the Town Council and I hope they will all continue to do what they are doing for the benefit of the community. It obviously works well.

The Arts have a long history in Todmorden and the High School is a Specialist Arts College. I have been invited to wonderful performances by the Orchestra, the Choir, and the Community Brass Band. I have attended the very successful productions at the Hippodrome. The Visual Arts have increasing importance in Todmorden. I have attended art exhibitions and studios, including the Annual Art Exhibition and the Photographic Society; and the written word is well represented.

I have been to Kidsfest and to the Robinwood Activity Centre, chaired a lively debate by primary school children in the Council Chamber. I have joined in with the children who sang carols so beautifully at the Dementia Friendly Christmas Party, attended  the High School‘s Prize giving,  seen the school play and the new building and attended the Youth Theatre’s production.

This year I met the young people in the Erasmus Project from France, Romania and Todmorden. I will welcome the visitors from Roncq and the Town Twinning Association shortly.

This year we have celebrated the famous sons of Todmorden - the two Nobel Prize winners: John Cockroft and Geoffrey Wilkinson, and the musician and conductor, Jeoff Love.

I visited older citizens at Christmas, the Care Homes of Todmorden, the very popular Knit and Natter Group and the Art Group for older people in the Health Centre; and I participated in the Christmas festivities of U3A.

I took part in the Annual Celebration of Todmorden in Bloom whose efforts make the town so beautiful. I welcomed the Wicker man to the bank of the River Calder and the new flower beds along the canal. I joined Incredible Ediable’s celebration at the Police Station.

I switched on the Christmas Lights in Todmorden, and later in Walsden, and attended the Town Carol Service in St Marys Church on Christmas Eve, opened the Carnival, learned of the many good works of organisations like the Lions and the Rotary Club and will attend the Lions Great Duck Race shortly.

I attended the Iftar in the Town Hall and enjoyed an informative interesting visit to the Mosque.

Business has not been forgotten. I cut the ribbons on new businesses in Todmorden and in the newly refurbished Morrison’s store. I was delighted to participate with the Mayor of Calderdale in the reopening of the spectacularly refurbished Todmorden Market Hall which has now won a national award.

In this year as Mayor, the Town Council is working for the future. Much is being done as will be described in the annual Committee Reports. Todmorden Town Council’s new branding is being rolled out and we are about to launch a more accessible Town Council website.

Work is starting on the land in Vale to make it a safe and friendly place to exercise people and dogs. The Town Council has commissioned a report on the state of the band stand in the Park.

I supported the retention of Todmorden College as an asset for the town, and look forward to exciting new uses for a much loved building.

Todmorden Town Council makes grants available to maintain the work of the many voluntary community groups in the town, like Todmorden in Bloom, cultural events and celebrations. Any group based in Todmorden can apply for a grant which will then be considered at the Amenities Committee.

I was told the year would pass very quickly, and it has. I would like to thank all those who made the time so interesting and enjoyable. Thank you for the wonderful experiences. A special thankyou to the Town Clerk, the Assistant Town Clerk and the Administrative Assistants who have helped me fulfil my role so efficiently and kindly, the support of the Town Councillors, and of course, Lynne Houlden, as Mayoress. It has been an unforgettable experience.

Christine Potter
Mayor of Todmorden 2017 – 2018


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