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From the Mayor's Parlour

Published on 2nd April 2019

About ten years ago a postgrad student handed me a translation text for approval in which a doctor attempted to describe for civil servants the demographic problems facing Germany as far as the health service was concerned.  His predictions were centred around 2050. He pointed out the need for volunteers; otherwise the system would collapse, he said. For a country that believes so much in specialist qualifications this was quite a controversial conclusion.


Bandstand Feasibility Study

Published on 14th March 2019

The Options Appraisal Report for the bandstand in Centre Vale Park has been received by Todmorden Town Council and thanks have been given to Storah Architecture for their work on the report.


From the Mayor's Parlour

Published on 4th March 2019
From the Mayor's Parlour

The Parlour isn’t big, so when I received a request to open it recently for elevenses, serving around 12, maximum 20, visitors from Integrate, a local organisation seeking to bring communities together, I was slightly nervous.


Election of a Parish Councillor

Published on 10th January 2019

Graham Kent (Labour) was elected to the Council on 3rd January for the central Ward. Contact and other details will be on the web site in due course.


Citizenship awards for Todmorden 2019

Published on 8th January 2019

Todmorden Town Council is delighted to invite nominations for the Citizenship Awards 2019.


From the Mayor's Parlour

Published on 21st December 2018
From the Mayor's Parlour

All those journalists and politicians who ramble on about the UK being a 'divided nation' should pop their way out of whichever bubble they're living in and make their way over to reality, i.e. Todmorden. Despite a near 50:50 split in the referendum, the town is amazingly united. And that's possibly because there's so much going on here.




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