Mayor and Deputy Mayor

As restrictions on public gatherings are still in place the Mayor is unable to attend any public functions in person buut if you wish to invite the Mayor of Todmorden to attend or open an event online please complete the Invitation to the Town Mayor form (Word document) and email it to If you have any queries please contact the Town Council office on 01706 548135 or send us a message

For updates on the latest Mayoral Engagements/Events have a look at our Mayoral News.

The Mayor

The Town Mayor for 2020-2021 is Cllr Ruth Coleman-Taylor.

The role of the Mayor includes:

  • acting as an ambassador for the town
  • promoting the town regionally and internationally
  • fostering good working relationships with local industry and business
  • supporting local charities and community groups
  • chairing council meetings
  • receiving regional and international visitors
  • representing the town at civic functions and engagements

Deputy Mayor

The Deputy Mayor for 2020-2021 is Cllr The Reverend Graham Kent

The Deputy Mayor assists the Town Mayor by undertaking the Mayor’s functions should he or she be unavailable.


The Mayor's Day


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